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The following statement from Chrysler this week is a lie & misleading:

Mike Palese, a spokesman for Chrysler’s parent company, FCA US, says they will appeal the 150 million dollar verdict, in that Chrysler was prevented from presenting data submitted to federal safety regulators showing that the vehicles did not pose an unreasonable safety risk. “The vehicles are not defective,” he said. 

In reality Chrysler moved the Court to exclude the entire NHTSA defect investigation except for the closing resume after the secret deal between former DOT Secretary LaHood, former NHTSA Administrator & future Chrysler law firm member Strickland, and Chrysler CEO Marchionne.  What the Court ruled was:

    Chrysler seeks to introduce the document by which NHTSA closed the investigation (labeled “ODI resume” and dated 11/11/14), but simultaneously exclude the fact that an investigation ever occurred and the process that led to that closure of the investigation. It would be both inconsistent and misleading to admit evidence regarding the closure of the NHTSA investigation, but simultaneously exclude evidence that the investigation ever occurred. . . .

    The Court concludes that the fact that an investigation occurred, ODI’s findings as announced on June 3, 2013, and the circumstances leading to the closure of the investigation are admissible. The Court cannot admit the documents that closed the investigation without allowing Plaintiffs to introduce evidence regarding other aspects of the investigation because so doing would be logically inconsistent, unfair, and misleading to the jury.

 A copy of the actual order available from Executive Director Clarence Ditlow at the Center for Auto Safety or


More Lies:

Elaboration by a “Fiat Chrysler statement” to the Detroit News:

“It is unfortunate that under Georgia Law the jury was prevented from taking into account extensive data submitted to NHTSA during a three-year investigation, which included more than 20 years of rear-impact accident data for tens of millions of vehicles. This and other information provided the basis for NHTSA’s determination that the 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee did not pose an unreasonable risk to motor vehicle safety,” a Fiat Chrysler statement said.”

“Prevented”??!    As Chrysler intimated, a FRAUD per the attached court order, FCA is fully aware of this issue.

The same rubbish is being fed to Bloomberg:

More details regarding the above two articles can be acquired from Paul V. Sheridan, Former Chrysler Safety Official.


  • Although I had found defects in the two Jeep products I own, they did not lead to death, but they did show me that Chrysler Corp DOES indeed LIE!!
    I won’t be buying their products again!